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Zack Oates Book Dating


I wish I had this book when I was single. Zack is able to use his 1,000+ dates to help others to navigate the dating field from both the emotional and practical side. It is a great read.  Recommend!”

–Steve Young

Hall of Fame QB, Married at 38


“This book is a great combination of personal experience, wit, and practical wisdom (did I mention wit?). Zack has an uncommon perspective offered to anyone who finds dating to be a challenge and would like to have a better experience. Read it, enjoy it, apply it, live it, love it.

–Klayne Rassmussen

PhD, Marriage and Family Therapist, Author of The FrogBuster: A

Girl’s Guide for Survival in the Dating Swamp and Beyond the Spell:

What Guys and Girls Wonder about Each Other


“Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does is more like sitting down in a Jacuzzi with a close friend talking about relationships and mistakes and love and deep hurt than reading something your mom bought for you because she’s worried about your chronically single state. It’s candid, it’s real, it’s funny, and it reminds you that sometimes you just need to change a few small things to see the results you’ve always desired.”

–Taylor Church

Author of I’m Trying Here and Returned Not Desired


“Zack Oates is a force to be reckoned with. When observed in the real world, he seems larger than life and unhindered by any degree of skepticism, pessimism, or criticism. But when you read his book, it’s clear that below the intrepid exterior is an individual who has spent a lot of time looking for meaning, understanding, and companionship. In Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does, Zack condenses his lessons laboriously recorded over his years of extensive dating into pithy aphorisms and candid anecdotes. As somebody who is unabashedly unafraid to live life to its fullest, Zack challenges the reader to go out into the world and see what life has to offer, by taking chances and learning to see the opportunities around them. Prepare to think. Prepare to laugh. Prepare to snort while you laugh. Prepare to look around the subway in embarrassment because you snorted in public. And finally, prepare to reroute yourself onto a different train once you realize you’ve missed your stop because you were so engrossed in this book. It may not happen exactly like that, but prepare for something similar.”

–Stephen Nelson

Documentary Filmmaker on dating


“Zack speaks to us with a level of sincerity and realism that allows us to not only see his human imperfections, but also find our own. Through his stories and experiences, we see ourselves and how we might improve. This isn’t a book exclusively for those looking for love. This is a book for anyone who wants to better understand love. Oh, and by the way, he’s outlined his points with genuinely entertaining stories and comedic encounters. One of the thrills of dating is the newness of it all; the novelty of fleeting passion and sudden whimsical notions of romance. The thrill of this book is Zack’s gentle presentation that, perhaps, love can re-emerge each day. Maybe, just maybe, we can see each new day as a chance to win the love and affection of our partners, either in dating or marriage. That is why I must recommend this book for people both inside and outside the populated realm of “the singles.” Anyone who enjoys a light-hearted read with deeply rooted meaning can find purpose and personal application in Dating Never Works . . . Until It Does. The result will likely be a more satisfying understanding of love, and subsequently, more fulfilling relationships.”

–Cameron Gade

Award-Winning Director and Writer, Entrepreneur, Overall Baller


“Zack is a dear friend with a genuinely good heart…and that’s where this book comes from. I love his perspective and would recommend this book to anyone who is single . . . or even just looking to improve their relationship. He is able to take the frustrations of dating and give actionable advice woven with hilarious stories. Read this book!”

–Scott Jarvie

Entrepreneur, Professional Photographer, Author, Traveler


“This book is a must-read for anyone who wants a lasting, loving relationship. Even though I have been married for twelve years, I deeply appreciate the advice on how to strengthen current relationships. Invest your time in this book and it will pay off in one of the most, if not the most, important areas of your life—your significant relationship.”

–Jessie Funk

Youth Advocate, Bullying Prevention Expert, Motivational Speaker,

Author of six books, including The Lost Art of Ladyhood


“Dating as an adult is hard and unpredictable. It’s like looking both ways before you cross the street and getting hit by an airplane. In the era of Tinder and eHarmony, it’s nice to have someone like Zack Oates to guide you [through] the steps that come after ‘swiping right.’ ”

–Creighton Baird

Film Producer, YouTube Star, DevinSuperTramp, Entrepreneur


“Reading the book is like reliving history. I lived it every post-date, with the phone call about the first date, the excitement, the falling in like and sometimes loveish, the frustration, the pain, the recovery. . . and then the sense of hope, and cycling back to the excitement of the next first date. Zack shows how creativity and hope, along with emotional fortitude, gives great hope to those is the dating world. One thousand first dates have led him to a beautiful, amazing wife that is the perfect fit for his genuinely unique personality.”

–Michelle Oates

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Zack’s Mom


“Zack has given us a rare look into the world of dating from a maleperspective. Written in a very casual conversational format, this book is as entertaining as it is insightful. Zack has the ability to mix religion, humor, and candid honesty as he reveals what going on 1,000 dates has taught him. I found this book to contain practical advice and perceptive insights for anyone interested in exploring the mechanics of developing lasting relationships.”

–Kristeen L. Black

PhD, Specialist in religion and family studies,

Author of A Sociology of Mormon Kinship: The Place of Family Within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


“Mr. Oates has the rare gift of being able to speak about (let’s be honest) a difficult subject with humor, experience, and most of all sincerity. You know that crazy aunt of yours who keeps bugging you about being single? Zack is the exact opposite of that. Zack treats the reader like a true friend. He cares about you and understands your frustrations and genuinely wants you to find happiness. Though he has a lot of steps, how to’s and suggestions, you never get the feeling of arrogance or back-patting, just a guy who went on way too many flipping dates, learned a lot, and compiled those into an immensely enjoyable book. For those of you who have already found your eternal adventure buddy like I have, the “Give Up Now—You Will Never Stay Married to the Same Person” [section] alone is worth the investment. This book is literally for everyone, even that crazy aunt of yours.”

–Jason “The quiet introvert dentist turned comedian how the heck did that happen” Gray, YouTube Celebrity, Studio C


“This book is written in a very down to earth style. Zack treats dating as an event to enjoy and not stress over. After reading this book, a person should sit back, take a sigh of relief, and realize that finding that right ‘someone’ happens when dating is treated as a journey and not as just a ‘project’ to . . . get through. Remember to be yourself!”

–Susan and Trent Whittle

Married 50 years


“This book contains a comprehensive guide to finding the forever love of your life. If you follow the advice in this book, you won’t waste a lot of time and energy on a lot of pointless first dates and just keep dating and dating and dating like our “professional dater” grandson did.”

–Nani & Reid Ivins,

Married over 60 years, Zack’s grandparents


“The principles in this book will lay a foundation for a happy marriage that will last as long as ours. Zack’s insights gained validity and strength with . . . years of dating and looking and hoping. Like he says, giving service and love to each other is key to long-term marriages.”

–Onalee and Steve Wood

Happily married for 50 years

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