You Don’t HAVE to do Anything

I was at the barber one day in Utah when it came up that I had lived in New York City.


The young lady cutting my hair gasped, “Wow! I’ve always wanted to visit! It has seriously been a life-long dream of mine. I wish I could go…”


Then her face fell, “but I can’t.”


A bit confused, I asked why.


“Oh, I couldn’t go. I mean, I have to work,” she said.


“They don’t give you time off?”


“They do, but I have never been somewhere nice. I couldn’t afford it.”


“Do you have cable?” I asked.


“Yes…?” she responded, wondering where I was going.


“Cancel it, save the money and you can go in three months. You can even stay at my friend’s place to make it cheaper for you,” I offered.


“Oh, I can’t do that.”


“Then watching TV is a bigger dream than going to NYC?”


“No, but I mean, I can’t just leave and go to New York. I mean what if I get mugged there? I have to stay here and work. I have to.”


The conversation ended with me leaving her a tip to start her NYC fund.


I kept in touch with her.


She never went.



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