My CRAZY True Story about Colin Kaepernick in Egypt

It started off like any other 4th of July in Egypt.


The sun cut through the hotel shades giving my wife and I a perfect view of the distant pyramids of Giza from our room.


I had been dreaming of seeing the pyramids since I was a little kid. I knew all about them…what I didn’t know was what was waiting for me inside.


Inside the great pyramid of Giza
A bad picture inside the larger corridor going to the tomb room.

So off we go, rambling through a maze of Cairo traffic (which is INSANE) and we finally made it to the Great Pyramid. I was in awe…and when I found out that my wifebought tickets to actually go inside, I was beside myself.


Inside the Great Pyramid is a narrow long climb into the tomb chamber, a climb that only fits one person at a time through some parts. But it isn’t a bit deal since it is pretty small and only like 10-15 people are in there at a time. So as my wife and I were about to leave, we saw a party coming up and waited for them.


But then something caught my eye. I made eye contact with one of the gentlemen walking up and he looked…familiar. Maybe my father’s friend, maybe someone I knew from high school…I didn’t know him, but I knew him, if you know what I mean.

Zack Oates Annie Oates

So I brushed it off and after a few hours of camel rides, and pictures and visiting more sites, we drove the short distance to the Sphinx. I was posing for a picture when I looked to my side and there was the same guy!


‘What are the chances?’ I thought to myself. Out of ~8,000 people there that day, the same guy I bumped into inside the Great Pyramid would be right next to me at the Sphinx hours later.


It was then that it hit me!


It was Colin freaking Kaepernick!

Colin Kaepernick

I pulled my wife and tour guide aside and told them who it was as I snapped a quick pic and they both insisted I go up and say hi, since my dad played for the 49ers. (Bart Oates…ya, I pretty much always won the ‘my dad could beat up your dad’ argument growing up.)


Knowing how pro athletes could be sometimes, I didn’t want to bother him, but my wife, always up for adventure, ran up to him and said, “Hey! Could we take a photo with you?”


Colin looked at her blankly and said, “Why do you want to take a photo with me?”


A little surprised, since it was the first time my wife had talked to a real celebrity (especially one so embroiled in scandal), she said, “Oh, well you look like Colin Kaepernick.”


“I am…and?”


Another pause.


“Well, his dad used to play for the 49ers and is good friends with Steve Young.”


Then his quizzical face turned sour. “I’m not a fan of Steve Young. He has said some not nice things about me.”


And with that, he turned and walked away.


(Only if it would have been a week later, after Steve Young said he was “surprised” he remained unsigned, maybe my wife would have gotten a kiss with the picture!)


My wife turned around and said with a sly smile, “It was for the orphans!”

Image result for nacho ramses douche gif
He’s talking about Ramses…get it? The wrestler who didn’t give the signature? Egyptian pharaoh? …? Eh…? Ah…come on!


So that was that.


The most random double encounter in a day with the CK (short for Colin Kaepernick).




Couldn’t believe how random that was and just figured that was that.


…but I was wrong.


The tour ended.


We were dropped off at the hotel, took a quick nap, and then decided we wanted to take a last minute trip to the Egyptian Museum.  As we were walking through one of the 107 halls viewing one of the 160,000 artifacts as one of the ~250k tourists that year–I looked up as I almost bump into someone.


I would have been more surprised to see one of the mummies rise up.


It was…ready…guessed it yet?


Ya–it was our tour guide!


No, I’m kidding.


It was Colin freaking Kaepernick…again!!


I am not. even. kidding.


Colin Kaepernick Egypt
I had to grab another creepy photo because well…SO WEIRD I had to.

I wanted to go up and say hi, but figured I’d leave him alone unless I sat next to him on the plane home too.


But seriously though…is that not just crazy?!


In this giant city, we bump into him as one of a dozen or so people inside the Great Pyramid (I did grab an accidental video of him, but too grainy to make you believe me), a couple hours later end up standing next to him at the Sphinx, and then 19km away and 5 hours later, I literally almost bump into him in a random room of a HUGE museum with hundreds of people bustling around!


I mean it was like fate was trying to bring us together. I’ll put it this way: if I were single and Colin Kaepernick was a single woman, I would have thought we were supposed to get married with how random the whole thing was.


Later I found out that he was supposed to be in Ghana looking for his roots or something…but hey, I won’t hold that against him.


So in the end, what do I think?


I think that he might have taken a photo with us if we told him we agreed with what he did off the field; if we didn’t mention Steve Young; if we weren’t white Americans; if he wasn’t supposed to be on the other side of Africa…but hey, I don’t agree with what he did, I do know Steve, I’m a proud American, and Egypt (turns out) isn’t Ghana.


And THAT is my bizarre story of sort of meeting the [insert adjective of choice] CK in Egypt.