3 Realizations Proved I was COMPLETLEY Wrong about the Heart and Brain

fate and faith

Last week I posted (whined) about how hard it is for the heart and the brain to agree. I asserted that this alignment is a capricious occurrence concocted in a clandestine conspiracy between cupid and chance.


With my emotional hands flaking at the heavens I blogged:

‘The lucky get it.

The rest of us stay single.’




I RECANT! I offer this post as my confession and my newfound philosophical ideology as my restitution.



THE TRUTH: After a few fundamentals are fulfilled, the heart and brain CAN be willed into deep, abiding, true love…while not every time, I do believe that it is possible!



REALIZATION ONE: There is SCIENCE in the mystery of love.


In a recent NY Times article, Mandy Len Catron, a professor, cites how she fell in love with her partner: science.


Not like they are nerds and fell in love after meeting on WoW; but that they answered a series of 36 questions developed by a group of scientists to help people fall in love, followed by 4 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.


(Maybe there is something to this, eh?)





After posting last week about my victimized situation to a fickle mind and a stubborn heart, I had a friend email me an admission that she, too, ran from so many relationships due to a misalignment of emotion and logic—until she chose not to.


She got sick of running, so when she met this guy and it was a typical situation where everything made sense, but nothing felt right, she stood up to fate.


Instead of running, she fought.


She poured her heart out to the Lord she worked and laid it all on the line.


And now…she is married, madly in love and called that fight the “best decision [she’s] ever made.”


And doesn’t that make sense? The more you work for something, often, the more important that thing becomes. And then it becomes



REALIZATION THREE: A Large part of love really is CHOICE.


As it has been said, choose your love, then love your choice.


I never understood that until this week.


We must choose to open our heart.

…choose to be ready for love.

…choose to have faith in marriage.


Then, realizing that there will be problems, heartache, frustrations and unexpected turns—be willing to take responsibility for our choice.


For if I’m constantly waiting for this supernatural inexplicable alignment of the stars, then it isn’t my love, it is a love forced upon me by an outside force.


But, after things make sense, love is a choice.

It is my choice.

It is our choice.



So let’s use faith to fight fate.


Does fate sometime step in and lend a hand?


But I, for one (a long single one), am not waiting around to get lucky. 😉


If you are in love, choose to stay there.

If you aren’t, well…let’s choose to get there.


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