4 Steps to Get a Guy to Ask YOU Out

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If there is nothing else that bothers me, it is girls who make themselves a martyr to their own dating life.


“I NEVER get asked out,” they say. #UGGGGGGGGGhhhH! #eyeroll


Well, there are three possibilities, and all have to to with U! You are 1) Ugly (unkind); 2) Using Tinder wrong; or 3) Underestimating what it takes to get asked out.


Chances are it is the third.


So, from this guy’s perspective, here are 4 Steps to Get a Guy to Ask YOU Out.


Step 1: Touch his Arm

Okay…a note to all you ‘friend-zoners’ out there, you really need to step outside your comfort zone. Do not treat all boys the same. You have to put (yourself) out (there). One of the easiest ways to do this is to grab and hold the back of their arm and hold it for a second or two.


Step 2: Laugh at his Jokes

Every guy thinks he is funny…let him. Time will let him know he isn’t, but to get asked out, you must play a little bit of this funny game. BUT, beware that you don’t laugh at something too hard. That is always awkward.

Wife's Humour Chart

Step 3: Questions with Eye Contact

This one goes hand in hand because after you touch his arm and laugh at his jokes asking questions and seeming interested in his answers through eye contact can really seal the deal of showing your interest. None of this head swivel garbage.


Step 4: Suggest an Activity (**THE KEY STEP**)

(Every place and everything in the world is great–I just told you that so you won’t lie when you say this next part.) Think of some obscure thing or a new restaurant or a fun movie or a cool local place and say, “Have you ever heard of ______? Oh man, I heard it was so great! We should totally go there sometime!”


And then your job is done.


If you have touched his arm, laughed at his jokes, asked questions with eye contact and suggested an activity and he HAS NOT ASKED YOU OUT, then…good for you. You either know that he isn’t interested or you have discovered that he is too dense to realize you’re interested–and you don’t want your kids carrying on those genes.


So use these four steps freely and realize that there is no need to complain about not getting asked out. Take this horn by it’s bulls and make it happen!


bull in face


(Now guys, if you aren’t asking girls on dates…email me. I will help you. zackoates@gmail.com. But so that you know, my email response back will be: “DO IT!”)


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  1. My sister’s institute teacher said his girls were having this problem so he offered all three of them $100 if they could get asked out by someone they didn’t know within the week… and all three were $100 richer.

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