A Fistful of Golf Tees, Falling Down the Stairs, and Our Life



I was just a kid when I heard that my good friend was in the hospital.


My parents simply said, “He tripped down the stairs…with a handful of golf tees.”


My young friend had been rushing out the door to play, yelling to his mother, and looking over his shoulder at his brother chasing him when he miscalculated the stairs’ location and took a dive down to the landing where he stopped his fall…with his hand holding a fistful of golf tees.


Imagine what could have happened…make it a little worse…and that is probably about how it went down. 


It hurt.


He ended up being fine, but I have thought of this moment in my friend’s life and how it can relate to so many things.


The basic lesson I have learned is this: if you fill your life with too many things, none of them will get done well and when you fall (for you eventually will), it will hurt.


In Dating:

I can remember when I was pursuing up to 8 girls at a single time (emphasis on “single”). I remember once needing to repeat the girl’s name on the way to pick her up because I was going out with two Malorie’s and two Melanie’s and I mixed up their names all the time. 


This is not to brag at all, no in fact, it is a humble admission of stupidity. I was so distracted and had my head full of so many options, that they all felt short-handed.


They almost all wisely walked away when they saw that there was no way for me to focus on what they were doing.


In Business:

I have met so many entrepreneurs who have so many great ideas.


The issue is when their ideas cascade from their mouth onto the ground and form the mud in which they spin their wheels until they are 15 years into a job they hate blaming their short-falls on everything but what it really was: a lack of focus on the right things.


If you have a great idea–go for it. If you have 10 great ideas–go for one.


With Self-Improvement:

Guess what sport, we’re not perfect. And we won’t be for quite some time.


So let’s just chill out and set goals, but not so many that we don’t do any of them.


In Summary

If you want to stay single, poor, and unimproved–give yourself so much to do that you can’t do anything.
Otherwise, give yourself a break by giving yourself some focus–you will tee yourself up for a life filled with something way more than potential: fulfillment.



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