A Love More than Poo – An Awkward Bathroom Dating Story

Surprise poop A girl comes over last year and we are chatting.


She asks to use the restroom.


It is one of those loo’s that is RIGHT off the kitchen with a thin door.


Already kinda weird.


I turn on some music to give her privacy and tell her I need to do something upstairs. A few minutes later I hear a flush…then another…then a third. Now look, I’m mature and old enough to know that girls have “that time of the month” when they poop. I get it. I do.


But three flushes…




So I come back down to check on everything and she is standing there looking kinda shifty and says, “So…this is kinda awkward…but there is no plunger in there.”


“Oh…” I tried to be as normal as possible.


A little jiggle of the handle and some non-romantic candles did the trick.


We fixed the problem and carried on.


Buuuuut, besides the fact that she asked me if I was going to blog about that, it brought some really interesting thoughts to my mind.


A good buddy gave me some great insight on love. He said that he is not looking for a girl who wants to run a business or is a supermodel or a pro at a cocktail party, but rather someone where there is lasting love–not the butterflies love, because that flutters for days then flies away. But the kind of love where when he is sick because he was up all night with a kid throwing up and she has the flu and is going out both ends and the teenage daughter has been grounded for weeks (much more painful for parents, I realize now)…that he could leave the house and kiss her on the forehead and know that the love is real.

long term relationship barbie poop

A real love transcends all of that because it is more than all of that.


Because I realize that sometimes life isn’t all the colors of the rainbow. Sometimes it can be crappy. But when the chips are down (I don’t really get that reference, but I am assuming it has to do with poker and I’m pretty sure I’m using it right #mormonproblems), and you are starting to feel a tinge of weltschmerz, you know that they’ve got your back…and sometimes literally.


I read a book from kids about what love is. And one little boy wrote, “Love is when my daddy has to wipe my mom’s butt after she goes to the bathroom because she broke both her arms.”


So that is the love I think we should look for or work to cultivate. Not the crap chute fairy tale love but a love more real.


A love more than the mundane of life.


A love more than the superficial.
Ah yes, even a love more than poo.





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  1. Love it. My test has always been, “in 70 years when we are old and decrepit and sitting across from one another in our breakfast nook will I be able to look at this person and still think ‘gee, I am the luckiest person in the world’? Will I be able to laugh and talk with them? Or will we sit with our newspapers in silence, slowly rotting away?” Its not the poo test but regardless has rendered effective.

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