A Plea from the Ass

dating an ass

The most common question I get when people find out that I have a dating blog is, ‘How is that for your dating life?’


Come on.


They know the answer.


There is just some sadistic curiosity to hear it right from the ass’s mouth, so to speak.


I mean, it’s like asking someone who is in prison for insider trading, ‘How is that for your business life?’




Just terrbl.


But I have enough clandestine conversations to know that I’m not alone in my thinking. There are tons of us.


Tons of…you’s.


Yes, I analyze dating too much.

I suffer from the greener grass syndrome.

I have a list of do’s and don’t’s.

I even have a list of girls written down in my wallet at any given time.


But guess what?


So does everyone, so to speak.


You might not blog about your analysis.

You may not post semi-humorous-slash-cynical posts to your Facebook about the ‘next best’ thing.

You haven’t published your rules.

And you probably don’t have a running list in your literal back pocket.


Now while that may be true—you DO analyze, look for better, have implicit rules and have a tally! You just probably don’t write it down and share it with the world.




Here is the problem, all of that stuff melts away as you are getting to know someone and falls above the deal breaker curve (as explained in the Law of Diminishing Deal Breakers).


But for us who have chosen to volunteer as tribute, choose to wear the cloak of a target and make ourselves a sacrificial martyr to dating stigmas, can I ask, especially during this wonderful Christmas season…can you give us a shot?


It won’t take much, I (sort of) promise…just a little bit of extra eye rolls and a lot bit of patience.


Because when people ask me about this blog and my dating life, I often will joke back to them, ‘Oh dating is great with this blog! It keeps me single. After all, it is a dating blog—marriage is just bad for business.’


But some day, I would like to retire from blogging about dating and have this bowl of oates graduate into something a little more hearty. Because without the sugar, a bowl of oates is pretty bland.


So here is to a sweet Christmas season and revived hope!



3 thoughts on “A Plea from the Ass

    1. slow work in progress. something had to give and that was bottom of the list. 🙁 but it will be back. promise it will be back. Unlesssss, you have an editor, in which case it could be sooner. 😉

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