A Classic Tale: Tinderella Meets Mr Right (Swipe)

Organic Love
In a 50 years from last Saturday, a bright eyed grandchild is going to sit at the feet of my cousin during a family gathering of her and her husband’s golden anniversary and ask, “How did you and grandpa meet?”

“Well once upon a time…” and she will proceed to tell a big flaming lie. (A story of a blind date will do just fine.)

After all, how is this young child in 2064 even going to understand a smartphone, an app, and especially TINDER???

This last weekend, I was able to attend the temple marriage of my cousin and, yes, her tinder match. It was a beautiful ceremony filled with family, love and two very “excited” over-dated LDS now-former singles.

In my reflection on each of our fairy tales, I realized that our glass slipper often slips between our fingers and our knight in shining armor gallops by as we are sitting and waiting for…for…well…for something else. 

What else, though?

Why not tinder? Why not a blind date? Why not long distance? Why not a leap of faith?

Because it is not what we thought it would be. It isn’t Godot enough. We ll we can wake up from that dreamland right now, because it hardly ever is Godot enough.

Look back at every good thing that has happened to you in life and tell me what percentage of those things were exactly what you thought they would be? For me, personally, it has been very very few. I have been so blessed by the most unexpected and have allowed some of the most amazing opportunities pass me by.

I haven’t found any magic beans, but the seeds of relationships that have grown organically have grown into something that I could have never fabricated through a calculated dating game. They happened in spite, or despite, of my efforts. (Granted, had I not put IN the efforts, nothing would have happened, but alas, this is another blog post.)

So if your heated relationships have fallen cold and now you have a burning urge to fuel the fire of love–find a potential match, strike up a conversation, and see if there are sparks to kindle a potential flame…even if it is on tinder (i’m just going to say, that sentence was a lot harder to write than it looks–11pts).

For in the end, waiting for what you are expecting can’t hold a candle to a 50-year start on a true happily forever and ever after.

To Ana and Christian, here’s to you and doing what no one ever expected (namely, getting Ana married before me). May this love propel you into true everlasting burnings.