Difference of Attractions – Why Men and Women Go to the Gym

Guys and Girls attractionMen find women attractive on a point.

Women find men attractive on a spectrum.


For the purposes of this post, I’m going to use the archaic 10-point system (NOT the 3-point system used by a stalker, but like 1-10 attractiveness scale).


Here’s how it works:


If a guy sees a girl and thinks she is a solid 8, that is usually where she stays. She could be suuuuper sweet and nice and spiritual and intelligent and that might kick her up to an 8.5. She could be CRAY-CRAY and that would bump her down to a 7.5. (#herecomesatangent I used to think that 1/3 of all women were crazy, then I started dating more and more of them and realized that all women are crazy…1/3 of the time. So I no longer look for a non-crazy, but the matter is the flavor of women crazy that works with the level of the guy stupid (because yeah…100% of guys are stupid)) So men find women attractive on a point. 


Now for women…oh no. This is where things get interesting. When a woman meets a man, she may rate him say, a 7–but some women won’t even rate a guy at all in the beginning! They will just some-magical-how suspend rating until more data has been collected. Then, when she does decide that he is a 7, that is just an anchor of a range. The algorithm that goes into the REAL number has been studied by men the ages over, but is yet undiscovered. It could be the time of the month, the weather, the day, the things the guy just said/did/wore/wrote/posted/texted, her work schedule, her hair, her roommates and on and on. So that 7 could be a 2 or a 9 on any given day at any given TIME of the day. (Now there is one exception, and that is a man in a well tailored suit…but that is for another topic. Seriously though, if any of you men are looking for a suit…I’ve got a guy.) Hence, women find men attractive on a spectrum.

Make up Gym Girl

This point-spectrum phenomenon, in fact, explains why guys and girls go to the gym. Girls are smart and know how guys think, so they always want to try to look good and be fit. Guys just think that girls think like them, so they want to look good.


Unfortunately, for the girls that matter, looks don’t.  #secondtangent


So what does that mean for all of us?


Well for girls, it means you just do you and let the guy fall into the right place.

For guys…it means good luck and get humble–because if you’re a 9, no one knows how you got there and you probably won’t be there for long.


But in the end, we need to remember that in the process of finding love we look for our 10’s by finding our 7’s and making them our 1.


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