Friends after Breakups…is it Possible?

dead cupid


It had been a week since we broke up. While I had initiated “THE” convo, it really was a pretty mutual event. But, ya know how it is…the feelings were pretty raw.


I missed her and she, apparently, was pretty hurt.


But I called her.


-ring, ring-

“Hello??” She sounded very irked.

“Hey you!” I cheerfully responded.

“What?” The pointed question was dripping with irritation.

I paused, thinking she was talking to someone else, then I realized that the one worded spear-tipped interrogation was laced with poison…intended for me.

“…oh…I, um, well, I just wanted to call and see how things are going and what you’re up to.”

“Okay well are you calling about my car?”

“Um, no? What do you mean?”

“Okay, well my car just broke down and my friend is coming to fix it.”

“Can I help?”

“Are we trying to date again?”

“Well…um, I just was calling to say hi and now I want to know if I can help out with your car.”

“[HUGE frustrated sigh] Zack, if you are trying to date me, fine. If you want to be my friend, I’m not interested. I have enough…and actually one is calling right now. Bye.



We have never spoken again.


Now, while that seemed a bit abrupt at the time, I have since realized the selfishness of my ways and been grateful for her honesty.


Facebook’s feature of “People You May Know” seems to becoming more and more “Ex’s You Didn’t Know Unfriended You.”


I always prided myself on being friends with ex’s, until I did an honest inventory.


My conclusion: When the relationship has been real and sincere, friendship just isn’t hardly possible.


A pleasant politeness.

An appropriate appreciation.

Even a cordial Christianity.


But NOT a real relationship.


If it was a blithe bond, then don’t burn a barely belabored bridge because of a bodiless breakup; but if it was something sincerely substantial, then simple social statements will suffice.


And while the heart misses what once was lost, the mind will be grateful to open up to new possibilities.


So remember:

If you broke up, don’t selfishly sting with cupid’s broken arrows of yester-try.

If you got dumped, point your attention to another target.



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