Grow, Don’t Just Go

Climbing the tree

A man was hiking through the forest when he saw something half-way up a tree.


Looking up, he saw another man climbing.


“What are you doing up there?” the grounded man inquired.


“Trying to get to the moon,” came the matter-of-fact response.


Baffled, the hiker furrowed his eyebrows before informing the climber that he was never going to get to the moon up there.


The climber snickered at this lowly man’s apparent ignorance. “What do you know? I’m higher than you and still have higher to climb!”


Many of us are just like the man in the tree. We think that moving is getting us somewhere.


Our lofty goals and ambitions cause us to start racing through life, or climbing a tree, never giving thought to whether or not we are actually going towards a finish line. As Stephen Covey put it, “if the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”


So often in life, we make a goal to get married, but we go on tons of dates instead of really getting to know someone.


We want to have a successful marriage, but when we go to dinner with our spouse, we are on our phones the whole time.


We desire to do more with our lives, but we read self-help books as procrastination for actually helping ourselves!


It can be agonizing to give our lives an honest look, only to see that our current course is not going to get us where we truly desire. But at times, going backward is what will ultimately propel us forward.


The most successful people I’ve observed do two things very well: they work hard and they work smart. If one of those is missing, then you will also miss your end goal.



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