Heart vs Brain – The Hit by Hit Showdown

heart vs brain dating

UPDATE: After reading this (or before, if you must), please read my new post about how this is completely wrong.


It feels so right, but doesn’t make sense (heart no brain)…and somehow I move forward.

It makes perfect sense, but doesn’t feel right (brain no heart)…and somehow I walk away.




Why can’t it just all work out?!


Well because the heart and the brain are two very different parts of the love machine.


The brain directs as the steering wheel.

The heart moves as the gas pedal.


I have met these girls that were just hot messes. Nothing made sense….but we just had that chemistry. My heart was in it. And I went forward. The brain just had to catch up and try to make sense of things as I fumbled my way around a relationship with them.


When your heart is in it, your brain just has to just figure it out.


I have also met girls that were just perfect. Their families and I got along great, they wanted to save the world, they were independently wealthy, models, spiritual…I mean the only red flag was that they were interested in me. BUT…there just wasn’t that spark. My brain was pointing me in the right direction, but I was moving as fast as a junkyard brick.


When your brain is driving solo, your heart is out to lunch with the keys.


It really is that frustrating.

It really is that simple.


Love is that mercurial mystery that builds the bridge between the largest chasm known to human-kind: the 12 inch gap between the brain and the heart.


When those two line up, so do the stars.


So be patient.


I believe that there will come a time when it will happen. That day where the car will be pointed in the right direction with the pedal to the medal.
I only hope I don’t crash before then.


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