My 30th Life Lesson

Life Lessons

Every year at my birthday, I like to reflect back at what the last 365 days taught me.


This last year was a big one.


It brought me to 15 countries across 5 continents and all over the USA—from LA to NYC, Chicago to Dallas and the “Nebraska” stuff in the middle.


But it wasn’t just a journey of destinations; it was a journey of experiences.


I finished my MBA, met a girl, cut ties with my single life, moved to a new state, started my first “real” JOB (as my mother puts it), won some money, rang the NASDAQ, signed a book contract…oh yeah, and got married.


Now, I give you that accounting for the simple purpose of expressing the importance of the biggest lesson that I learned, for there were many along the way.


But while journeying, I was struck by how beautiful our little world really is. This pale blue dot we call earth is our home. We all live here together and hence, we should all love here together.

And that brings me to what the last 365 days has taught me:


Love is a choice.


Yes, much like gratitude and happiness…love, indeed, is a choice.


We choose to keep ourselves open to the possibility of love.

We choose to give someone the chance to be loved by us.

We choose to allow another to love us.


And yes, we even choose to stay in love.


Now we might not always choose with whom we fall in love, but we definitely can choose to NOT fall in love with someone.


Regardless of how different or how similar people are from what we would expect and regardless of how disjointed or perfectly planned our circumstance—love is always our choice to make.



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