Seven Perfect Days: A Life-Changing Challenge

Canyon on the edge


“Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect” (Matt 5:48) was the injunction of the Savior.


Not like ‘sort of perfect’ or ‘just about perfect’….but an unqualified “perfect.”


I, like you, have at times stood at the edge of my true reflection and been disheartened by the craterous chasm between me and perfection.


But in studying how the Savior grew from “grace to grace” (Doctrine and Covenants 93:13), I began to realize that while perfection is the eventual goal, it isn’t an immediate destination.


As my father always reminds me, it isn’t where you are on the path, but which direction your toes are pointed.


It isn’t about me jumping across the canyon of my imperfections today, but about consistently working on the bridge.


So a few years ago, I started a different kind of goal. Instead of trying to be perfect, I decided I would try to be perfect at something…and not forever—but just for 7 days.


Each Sunday I’ll try to pick something to do perfectly for 7 days.


Seven Perfect Days.


Try it.


Try studying your scriptures for real every day for 7 days.

Try not cursing at all for 7 days.

Try not looking pornography for 7 days.

Try being completely kind for 7 days.

Try not yelling for 7 days.

Try praying every morning for 7 days.

Try working out every day for 7 days (#KeylePetittAdvice).


Not everything at once.

Not forever.


One thing.

For 7 days.



And as I have done this, I realized how much joy it brought me to keep that one thing on the forefront of my mind until it was engrained on my heart and became a habit.


Many times I’ve gone back to a previous Seven Perfect Days goal and other times I’ve worked on the one goal for 5, 6, or 7 weeks.


And even if I wasn’t totally perfect after 7 times trying Seven Perfect Days, at least I was trying.


Because in the end, we must take a step back and ask ourselves: what does it mean to be “perfect?”


Brigham Young shed some light on this when he said, “We can alter the phraseology of the sentence, and say, ‘Be ye as perfect as ye can,’ for that is all we can do, though it is written, be ye perfect as your Father who is in heaven is perfect. To be as perfect as we possibly can, according to our knowledge, is to be just as perfect as our Father in heaven is. He cannot be any more perfect than He knows how, any more than we. When we are doing as well as we know how in the sphere and station which we occupy here, we are justified in the justice, righteousness, mercy, and judgment that go before the Lord of heaven and earth” (Journal of Discourses 2:129-130)


And in the end, no matter how far away we are from the other side of that canyon, if we are willing to try and to build, the Atonement will take us all the way across. But we must take that first step.


So try it this week.


Pick something to show God that you are being perfect—or at least as perfect as you now how.


Start now.


It took God 7 days to create a perfect world. Take the next 7 to create a more perfect version of yours.



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