The Importance of Tender Adventure


This weekend I participated in the Cotopaxi Questival, a 24 hour scavenger hunt that was just an amazing adventure! There were around 200 tasks and in the final hours, we were in first out of 450 teams (our partner team was tied with us too!). It was an exciting race, which, in the end… we lost.


Second place prize?




Sad day.


Now it’s tomorrow.


And while having my captain-crunch-and-Advil breakfast smoothie this morning (nope, not hungover), I was reflecting on how 60 feet of group Facebook messages, 130 hours of combined planning, 6 hours of sleep over 67 hours, 3 postponed final projects and a few hundred dollars helped me to win “nothing” this weekend, I realized that in reality, I won some an awesome consolation prize.


As Andy says in the finale of the Office, “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

But you know what, Andy? I think there is.


See, as the trip started and we were driving to our first adventure, everyone in my car gave a group fist bump and we said, ‘Guys…we are living a memory right now!’ How did we know? Because we were on an adventure…together.

questival cotopaxi
Team #C2H…first in our hearts, second in the competition.

And that is what I’ve learned over this grueling experience. While we didn’t win a trip around the world, what’s more important than the fact that we came close, was the fact that we BECAME close. (I’m not happy about not winning, but that I’m not upset I competed.)


See with our group #C2H and #C2L, there is no one else in the world that will really understand what the 7 of us did together, besides the 7 of us. Hence, we have become a sort of family. And that IS the good old days. It is those moments, those memories that drive us together and sometimes drive us crazy.


I (sh/c)ould have been studying for finals, or working on my semester-end projects or something(…I mean, after all, I am a responsible MBA student, right?), but as I was reflecting back on my undergrad days, I don’t recall any of those things. I recall the road trips, the late night chats, the opportunities for me to help when it was inconvenient, the blessings of others helping me when I was down, the experiences that solidified friendships.


And what greater prize is there than that?


For as I always say, God gives us friends that we might choose family.

No strings attached
Since we’re all unwed, we made a band called “No Strings Attached”

Thanks for being a part of my family Conner, Kyle, Rico, Josh, Andy, Alex…and Rex. My love for you will last much longer than the pain in my legs that my smoothie didn’t put a dent into. And while a trip around the world would have been cool (#notpassiveaggressiveatall #notsarcastic …#okayyougotme #sarcastic)) because of you, I feel like “nothing” is a terrible way to describe what I won.


So here’s my plea to all (especially my future self): live a life of tender adventure–adventures that bring those tender memories of being together. And know that as you do…those, my friends, are the good old days.


And to all who have or will share some of my life’s tender adventures…thank you. I know I’m not always easy, but…well, actually..that’s all I got, I’m not easy, sorry.


Now, if you don’t mind, I need to get to bed. I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow.





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