The Single Sexiest Attribute

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What is the sexiest attribute to you in men or women?


In my previous post I talked about HOW the attractiveness needle is “usually” set for men–but, for me, there is ONE singular attribute that takes the wedding cake on sexiness.


A while ago I made a list of all the women I wanted to marry (14 at last count), and there was only attribute that they all had in common.


Not having this mannerism makes models melt into monsters; and having this attribute allows average Ally’s to ascend to AMAZINGLY attractive!


To me, there is no more important attribute for a human to possess and there is nothing I admire more than one who exhibits this attribute with a gentle ease flowing from a natural inclusion into one’s nature.


This attribute isn’t hotness, spirituality, ambition, passion, cleverness, brilliance, skinniness…


It is authentic kindness.


Authentic kindness to me is defined by how a person treats someone who can do nothing for them.



kill with kindness




That is it.


Authentic kindness.


I asked my grandpa recently about why him and my grandma, who passed a few years ago, had such an amazing marriage. Without hesitation, other than to hold back some soft tears, he said, “It was your grandmother’s kindness. When we would argue, she was so quick to forgive and so kind to me. That is what held our marriage together and made me a better person.”

Nothing is sexier than kindness


There is nothing that could make a better wife, mother or human being than authentic kindness. Nobody wants to marry a hot troll…at least nobody that deserves anything more. But a true catch is a cute girl who is also kind.


I have a friend who is very pretty. Then one day she became incredibly beautiful. I saw her talking to a very anti-social rude person at a party and I was going to go over and “save” her, but realized that she was there by choice. She spent the whole party at this person’s side to make sure that they were having a good time and felt included. This person was not someone that she ever would have dated, but she never once broke eye contact to see if people were watching her. She just genuinely is a kind person who cared about this child of God.


Kindness is not concerned about what they get out of the interaction.

Kindness is optimistic and positive with the thoughts and dreams of others.

“Kindness is how a Christlike person treats others” (Joseph B Wirthlin, “The Virtue of Kindness”)

“Kindness [is] the most persuasive argument for that which we believe” (Gordon B Hinckley, “We Bear Witness of Him”)

And yeah, kindness is sexy.



So girls, toss the shorter skirts and lower shirts, quit those late night snapchats and forget about being seen at ‘that’ party…just know that everything kinda, works out.



Axe of Kindness

*Thanks to @zandersays for adding the clarifying word of “authentic.” Very very true, kindness could be ill-conceived and self-motivated.


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