When a Tinder Match says, “We probably…”

What to doOnce upon a time I had met this super attractive girl (*cough*on tinder*cough*). We hadn’t kissed or anything, but had hung out quite a few times. I was sitting in her car when she hands me her cell phone and tells me to read a text. So I do and when I close out of the text, I notice another conversation she had had earlier that day with a mutual friend of ours and in the little window, I notice my name.


The scale of privacy invasion and curiosity started swinging back and forth like a drunk elephant on a seesaw.

Angel: ‘I should respect her personal stuff.’

Devil: ‘But it is about me!’

Angel: ‘But you shouldn’t be nosey.’

Devil: ‘But I was to be in the knowsey!’

Angel: ‘Bad pun.’

Devil: ‘Besides the point.


…eventually, as it usually happens, curiosity got the better of me and I opened the text.

(Angel: ‘Why am I even here?’)


Here is how the text basically went…


Girl: What do you think of Zack Oates?

Friend: He is a great guy!

Friend: Have you guys kissed?


Then came the really interesting part.


In the draft section of the box but not sent the text read:


“We probably [blinking cursor]”


Wait, I thought. Is this ‘we probably will’ ‘we probably won’t’ ‘we probably are going to stop haing out soon’ ‘we probably are in love’???


My mind started to race.


The girl, knowing me for a week at this point, knew something was wrong when more than 15 seconds went by without talking.


“What are you doing???” she blurted.

“So how was this text supposed to end?” I accusingly asked as I attempted to raise one eyebrow unsuccessfully (I’ll pay you if you can teach me how to do that).


The next hour of my life was trying to use every selling and debate tactic I could remember to get to her tell me.


But to no avail.


FINALLY by the end of the night she told me that it meant that ‘we probably would keep hanging out’…but you just never know what she was really going to say.


This situation did bring up an interesting point about being on different pages as the other person in the early stages dating though. The more you date, the more you settle onto the same book, then chapter, then page then line then word….”yes.”


So in the beginning of the relationship, just be sure to communicate appropriately so that you don’t run into a situation where, in your mind, you are at the end of the love story and she is still waiting to be saved from the dragon.




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