Top 10 WORST Reasons to Break Up

worst reasons to break up


Valentines day always reminds me of…breaking up.


So in honor of a Friday the 13th right before the luckiest day of the year, we will count down your TOP TEN WORST REASONS TO BREAK UP!


10. The ol’ “it’s not me, it’s you not being perfect enough”routine.

waiting for perfect girl dump


9. “You’re too smart/dumb…and so am I.”
dumped because too smart 2

This is another good one on this topic.

dumped me not smart


8. “God told me…or like He’s telling me…right now”

dumped me in a prayer


7. “Pickings are too slim”

dumped because too fat


6. Something every Mormon will understand and something that NO Mormon should understand.

blessing not fit dumped


5. This one is pretty legit, but still I can’t believe that guys are THIS cheap!

dumped because too cheap


4. “I like you too much to risk loving you…you know, because that makes sense.”

dumped because married


3. “You aren’t quite my muse.”

dumped because can't sing


2. “Something just smells fishy about this…”

broke up smelled





1. “Oh…yeah, I forgot about that one little detail.”

dumped me because of a fiance


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