What is to Become of Bowl of Oates? I Need Your Help.

Zack Oates and Annie Oates


It was the day after I got engaged.


Annie (the woman who actually accepted the proposal…still weird to think about) and I were driving down the road when we pulled up next to a couple at a stoplight with “JUST MARRIED” painted on the back of the car, gently smudged by rain.


I rolled down my window.


“Hey! Congrats on getting married!”

“Uhhh, thanks man…” came the new husband’s uncertain reply. Obviously some weirdo yelling at him across the road with his newly minted family probably alerted some primal protective barrier of hesitancy.

“We just got engaged!” I held up Annie’s hand to calm his nerves as a token of proof.

The husband looked over at his wife to see if she was finding the encounter as awkward as he was.

She wasn’t.

“WHOOHOOO!! Congrats!” she screamed.

The light turned green.

“Wait,” I yelled, “What advice do you have for us?”

Without a second’s delay as her husband was pushing the gas pedal her scream faded into the intersection, “DON’T REGISTER AT BED BATH and beyond…”


And such it was, I received the first piece of real marriage lesson that fell on the ears of a willing student.


I have received a lot of marriage advice before, but didn’t really ever think it might one day be applicable to me.


That has started a great journey of asking almost everyone I come in contact with, single or married, for marriage advice. It has been an outpouring of laughter, some tears and lots and LOTS of wisdom.


Some of you have asked me about what will become of this blog. “Will it turn into a dumb marriage blog?”


Well, the answer is…no. I hope.


It will stay a dating blog and continue to have inspirational-themed posts, but will add an entirely new section.


See, I have written about dating because I have dated a lot and just because I’m getting married doesn’t mean that I’m going to forget all that.


But, as it turns out, I haven’t even been married…even for a single day.

However, I want to be married until my last (and beyond).


So hence the start of an entirely new category on this blog, “Relationship and Marriage Advice.”


It isn’t just about marriage, but relationships in general.


And this is NOT relationship and marriage advice from me, per se, but from you. After all, what do I know? My 1,000 dates can’t help me now.


So yeah…I’m going to start featuring your relationship and marriage advice that you send me on Facebook, Twitter, text, pigeon carrier, or in the comments below. 


I would love for this to be a continuous theme–because I have so much to learn. And now that I’ve found someone eternally special, I don’t want to muff it up.


Annie and I have just barely begun this road trip called marriage. We have a long road ahead and I, for one, would like to know what more people think at the red lights of life.


What advice do you have about what makes a happy relationship/marriage?

What is the best advice you’ve heard?

What do you wish the world knew about marriages?


You’ll be the teacher, and I’ll be a good student.


After all, we are registered at Amazon. (and no, that isn’t a shameless plug to get us a wedding gift–unless you’re going to get us the cow rug throw, then…guilty!)



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