Why I Believe in the Toothfairy…and Love

After some recent dating frustrations, I began to feel that true lasting love in marriage is like the toothfairy.


It’s like some big joke that everyone is in on…except me. Like you all think it’s
so cute when I write about believing that love is real…and what’s more that it will happen to me! I was feeling pretty tricked. Truman Burbank’ed, if you will. (If you get that reference without google, give yourself a point. #familyguyvague)


But the more I thought about it, the more I realize that true lasting love really IS like the toothfairy.


See, when I was about 7 years old, I lost another one of my teeth. I was pumped for payday and knew that the tooth fairy was coming that night.


This time, I was determined to stay awake and try to convince her to give me more money, since it was a bigger tooth, after all. It only made sense.


About an hour into my waiting, the door creaked open and I heard the “tooth fairy” start to creep into my room. I burst out of bed and said, “HI!”


Much to my surprise (but more to my father’s) it was…my dad. He jumped and dropped $10 in singles on the floor. Ironically the same amount he thought I might get earlier that night.


Or is it NOT ironic?! My young mind started to race as my innocence hopelessly started to slowly slip between my frail fingers.


My childhood was lost. The tooth fairy wasn’t a magical lady…it was an offensive lineman.


H’m. Not quite what I was expecting.


And that is how I feel about lasting love in marriage. I have always imagined it to be this magical wonderful thing that is a constant Disneyland (minus the kids) experience. But I’ve come to realize that it is different…and that is okay.


I still believe in the tooth fairy and I believe in love.


It might be different than I expected, but the reward will be the same.


I might not meet my wife from this dreadful dating game (albeit, quite fun), but I will meet her and guess what…so will you. (Not my wife, unless you want to…then I can introduce you…after, of course, I get introduced to her.)


You will find love if you haven’t.

You will grow love if it is shrinking.

You will regain love if it is lost.


Just try it with me.


Let’s have a little faith. I think we can at least try.
Maybe not faith in the delivery method…but for sure in the reward.


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