Why I Only Hang Around Beautiful People

lots of ugly fish in the sea

I hope you aren’t the person offended by this post, but if you are, I sincerely apologize for the hurt caused, but not for the truth written.


I try to make it a habit to only be around beautiful people.
And before you judge me, know that you do too.


Because by beautiful, I don’t mean supermodel (although I’m not opposed, per se), but I mean beautiful souls. Usually, a common factor in all beautiful people is an ease when it comes to gratitude. Despite all they lack, there is a steady awareness of what that they do have. And it is that type of person who uplifts all around them. That is why we love being with them.


One of the biggest disparities between the beautiful and ‘not beautiful’ is in the singles ward.


While there are some of the most beautiful and positive people I have ever met, there are also people who have given up and can only see and speak about that which they don’t have.


We all have been that ugly person at times. When things have been super hard at times, I have been guilty of complaining about the people I’ve been out with, envious when my friends find their special person, bad talking exes and ranting on social media [insert ironic comment here].


But guess what?


That just perpetuates the ugliness!


We need to take a step back from the judging throne, recalibrate our cynical conversations, take an honest inventory of our topics and sincerely consider the state of our heart.


Bitterness never was prettiness.


No one wants to marry an ugly Ursula, aka negative Nancy.


The more bitter we are, the more negative energy we put out and the less people will want to be around us.


So am I saying that we aren’t allowed to talk about our trials and our hardships or that sever depression is just something that we choose to have? No! But we need to be beautiful–truly beautiful.


Let’s stop talking about how little we get asked out, how bored we are of first dates and how disenchanted we are with our life situation–and let’s start expressing gratitude for our agency to flirt, the lessons we are learning and the opportunities to grow! There are a lot of fish in the sea, so let’s not to be that really ugly one.


Let’s plant more than we dig up.

Let’s build more than we break.

Let’s be beautiful more than bitter.


3 thoughts on “Why I Only Hang Around Beautiful People

  1. Thank you for this post! It put into words my current life situation. I wish most members in my singles ward would understand this concept and embrace the beauty of positivity. Infact, I just might lead them to your blog. Thank you Zack! You are a beautiful person.

      1. hahah well Zack, if I tell you about me you might fall in love. Are you ready for that? πŸ˜‰ I am a real person though. 28, RM, Salt Lake, have a great job, active in church, love my calling, The gospel and my family are everything and I love being an aunt. Me-in a small nut shell.

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