A NONconfrontational Way to Get a Girl’s Number With Facebook

how to get a girl's number
Avoid THIS feeling when you don’t want a guy to ask you for your number. Share this post with your guy friends.


NOTE: Now that I will never have to use this “trick” again…I share it shamelessly with the world and offer my sincerest apologies if I ever used this on you. Take it as….a compliment.


You meet a girl at a party.


She is beautiful and you really want to ask her out.


But maybe the timing isn’t right, or you don’t see them again before they leave, or you’re not sure if they are dating someone (but chances are, you’re just chicken).


Whatever the reason, you leave numberless.


But don’t worry, because you got their name and find them on Facebook (this could take some dedication. Once it took me over two hours to find someone on Fbook).


You’re in luck.


The next day, send them a message like this (I cannot stress this enough. NOT exactly this, but something alone these lines. Make it you.),


“You know, I had a great time meeting you and wanted to ask you on a date, but unfortunately, you ran off before I could get your number and now I’m stuck because I would never ask someone out on Facebook. Do you know anyone that could help me find your number so I can ask you out properly?”


If she responds, you’re golden, if not, you’re one step closer to golden.


Is it cheesey, kinda sly, slightly dishonest, a scapegoat for a non-socialite? Yeah sure…but hey, it works and has helped me and quite a few friends bridge that super awkward gap of a missed opportunity to get someone’s number.


PLUS, women don’t have to have that awkward moment where they don’t want to give you their number. Just saying.


Now don’t use this ALL the time; man up and get their number in person too!


Also, remember, if you have not actually met the girl in real life, do NOT use this tactic. That is called creepy.