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Oh hey.


So I feel a bit awkward because you clicked on “About Zack” and I don’t know anything about you. I’ll share if you do too. Tell me about yourself in the comments. What makes you you? What is a life lesson you have learned? What is your “About You?”


Okay, so I am a recently married 30-year-old Jersey-born Texas-living hottub-loving book-writing clean-partying fun-dancing blogger.


My book Dating Never Works…Until it Does comes out Dec 13, 2016–and you should enter to win a free copy.


I write in my journal every day, blog every week and have an MBA. I’ve started six companies and and had a blast with every single one of them. I love my wife…she is not usually a zombie and I normally stick to more fatty meats, but we have fun! I am deeply religious and couldn’t imagine a life without my Savior/meaning.


My primary topic is dating because, well, I’ve been on over 1,000 dates and by that many, even an idiot would learn something from all that time (and money)…so I try to share.


My secondary topic is inspiration. I feel that there is so much beauty in the world and so much for of life that is just within our grasp if we just will reach! So I write posts that help us all to stretch, go, and grow.


Seriously though…thanks for popping by. Know that my door is always open if you need to chat (or have someone to set me up with). And know that I’m genuinely excited to read “About You.”


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  • Katherine7

    10,000 hours? Really? Dang!

  • I saw a link on Facebook to your blog–how have I not had this in my life sooner? What I’ve read so far is brilliant. Thank you! My friend and I are planning to write a book related to dating. I would definitely like to quote you if I may when we get to it! Thanks for being honest yet humorous about our situation in life that isn’t always easy. Oh–and an intro from me? Um… I am a youth services librarian. I love to sing, dance, read, write, bake, play board/card games, watch movies, laugh, and play Ultimate. And I’m a fellow East coast-er now living in Utah. Thank you again. I really look forward to reading more.

    • Zack Oates

      Thanks for sharing, Heidi-Marie! Let me know about how the book goes! I know how hard that undertaking it for sure. Go for it!

  • Amanda

    A post on facebook led me here. It was very well written and agreed with what you had to say. Then I viewed your three point rule video. Thank you for the laugh! I agree with that too by the way.
    About me, hmm. Since we’re talking three points, let’s keep it to three points. *My faith (I’m a Mormon) *My family. *Stories. I like to read them, write them, share them, listen to them, and discover them. Discovering them from the source itself is my favorite. People are amazing and I love to learn about even the smallest part of someone’s story.
    I’m right there with ya in the single scene. I’m glad to see someone else laughing through the craziness! Keep smiling!

    • Zack Oates

      So nice to meet you! Love your points and if that is totally you, then you will absolutely love this poem. It is in the manilla box on this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Desiderata

      • Amanda

        You’re right! I did absolutely love it. “They too have a story…You have a right to be here… it is still a beautiful world.” Beautiful thoughts. Thank you for sharing!

  • Sara Rose Bitterman

    I read your post about why you are afraid of marriage, and you are definitely not alone in that fear. However I sincerely believe that “perfect love casteth out fear” and that a right person will take those fears away. A little about me, I recently graduated from BYU from the journalism program and currently work at a newspaper as a copyeditor. I love to read and write. I own four musical instruments. I’m not exceptional at any of them, but playing them makes me happy. I’m originally from Alaska and I can confirm that Utah does not have the greatest snow on earth. Also, I recently spent three months in Germany and I’m constantly scheming how I can go back.

    • Zack Oates

      Well good to learn about you! And yeah, and I am going to post a follow-up of all the AMAZING advice that married couples have given me. It was such a blessing to read. I have been to Alaska and just LOVED it. It is just majestic there. And keep on the instruments, I use them to play for un and as a relaxer when I can’t get a massage. 😉 Good luck getting back to Germany and thanks for writing me and “About You” section!

  • Brett

    I served in the same mission as your fiance. I ran into one of her companions at school last week and she told me to look you up haha. I like writing and I think it would be fun to have a blog. No idea where to start or what to write about haha.

  • Hey, so I’m Abby, and I saw an article you wrote on LDSLiving. I love what topic you focus on and your writing style! So anyway… my “About Me”. I’ll turn 20 in a month, I used to live in Michigan (now Utah), and I should probably be dead, but I’m not! I’ve been hit by a car while walking to school on 2 different occasions, I’ve had ovarian cancer, I’ve fallen off a cliff, and a bunch of other things like that! So anyway, the life lesson I’ve learned is that God really does love us all personally. When I was little, I thought He loved us like we might love everyone in Africa. But He really does love and know us all! I LOVE chemistry (my major), and I love hiking, although I’ve had to stop since falling off the cliff (I’ve had to heal). I love this church, too, in case that wasn’t clear from what I said earlier! Anyway, I’m excited to be subscribed to your emails! Thanks for writing this blog!

    • Zack Oates

      Hey Abby! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

      And holy cow…you’ve been so close to the edge–glad you’re on this side of the veil.

      And completely agree with your life lesson that God loves us. He knows us and has an individual plan for us.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!!