7 Reasons We’re Single

yes I am single

For every one time asks me why I’m single, I probably ask myself the same question another 70×7 times.


I figured a lot of you also ask yourselves, “Why am I single…?”


The ellipsis preceding that question mark could go on for miles.


The countless hours on dates, the endless time talking about the dates, the scheming on how to get more dates, the frustration when I couldn’t get the date, the anger when I didn’t want to go on the date for no good reason…it is consuming at times. And for people that are overly-analytical, it can be overwhelming.


So I’ve put this list together, but what do you think? Did I miss something?


why i am single7 Reasons why you are single:


1. You have a deep dark secret and God is protecting an unassuming potential spouse

Sorry man…just stop being bad and good things happen. Oh, and if you aren’t single, don’t just assume this is the reason. I have plenty of good friends in their late 20’s and 30’s who are single, good looking, fun, spiritual and do NOT have a porn problem and are not closet gays.

2. You are having too much fun being single and are too scared to break up with your single life

She is a tough one to leave behind sometimes.

3. You always are looking for the next best thing


4. You are having trouble opening up emotionally

Listen, just take it one day at a time. Don’t blame yourself and you will be fine. Promise. Watch the video below to help you through.

5. You are ugly on the inside

Get a personality mirror. Good indicator? How many people ask you for rides to the airport NOT out of desperation? If you get asked a lot, then you are wonderful, if not, then…well, you might have a problem.

6. You are too busy

Make scheduled times to meet people. And oh…calm down.

7. You just haven’t met the right person



So for you category 7-ers, the do-gooders, the done-with-funers, the upside on the inside(rs), the regular schedulers…you who are looking but have not yet found, or found but lost—you are not alone.

single cat
We are told so much advice to try to help: don’t settle, but settle down. Don’t think too much, but consider options deeply. Don’t lead people on, but give them a chance. Don’t jump in too quickly, but jump on that! Look on the inside, but find someone you think is hot.


Well I say–let us be. We’ve had the pep talk, now, we need to do the prep walk. (preparing to walk down the isle) It isn’t that we have some deep dark secret, but rather that we simply haven’t found someone we love at the same time that they love us.