What’s More Important: Love or Loyalty?

Loyalty locks love

“Did I make a mistake?”


This is the question that almost every single married person has asked themselves at some point (and something that single people ask themselves daily)


Death, bad choices, hurtful words, emotional funks, and irritations usually lead spouses to take a look at their relationship and wonder on….then, often, wander off.


So what keeps the other half of America from getting divorced?


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in the van with 11 married men. Being the only single guy, everyone went around and gave me a piece of advice for life and marriage


While I undoubtedly will write about many of the things said, there is something that really stuck out to me–it centers around how marriages last.


The question of “successful” marriages came down to this: it is more about loyalty than love.


At the end of the ride, almost everyone in the van was in agreement: While love will get you married, it is loyalty that keeps you married.


As has been mentioned in previous posts, there is so much that changes after marriage, but it is that commitment to the marriage and to each other that will keep things together.


Even though there are difficulties and trials and the love will be there some days and irritation on others, if you have that loyalty to each other to stick it out, it can work


Now, there are obviously times when logic must triumph over both love and loyalty, but those cases are individual and should not be judged by any outside party.


But for those whose relationship doesn’t meet that logic level of lacking, when love is ebbing, fix firm on the resolve of loyalty…or so I’ve been told.

2 thoughts on “What’s More Important: Love or Loyalty?

  1. I agree, 100%. Distractions, such as parents, kids, job, friends, etc can chip away or confuse a person’s loyalty. The other spouse needs to always be #1 priority and feel such. If both sides loyally keep the other in 1st place, the marriage can flourish. Same goes for any relationship (business, teammates, etc).

    A good indication of loyalty is the way a person speaks of an ex afterwards. Loyalty, like true love, never fades.

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