Official Announcement: Coming out of the Closet

Zack Oates

It is time to make the announcement official.


I Zack Oates, am coming out of the closet.


…the, that is.


Come on, you seriously thought I was gay? (I do have to say it was funny as I told people today that I was going to make an official announcement of coming out of the closet. It wasn’t met with surprise…just an awkward “Wow…!” But sorry to my gay brothers and looking-to-justify-my-actions sisters–I’m straight (and just dumb sometimes.) has filled its useful life and while I will take some of the posts and buff them up for this post, I will not be posting there anymore. I will still post of dating, but also make room for other uplifting awesome content and new videos. So please like my FACEBOOK page to get updates.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write me and if you have great date ideas, share them!


I really hope you enjoy the new site (THANKS to Zander for building it!) and I’m grateful to start this new journey!


So let’s cozy up, (grab a) spoon and share this Bowl of Oates together.


6 thoughts on “Official Announcement: Coming out of the Closet

  1. Wise move, cool blog name. Whatever you do, you do it with full gusto. Quick thought: While we’re always in the dating phase (you’ll still need to date your wife after you marry her), I see expanding your blogging repertoire to other topics a strategic, smart decision. Then a year or two from now when you’re happily married, your blog will appeal to more folks than only a “singles” audience.

    I fit into your newly expanded audience. Now this married lady (and expecting mama) will be back for more servings of your bowl of Oates.

    1. Great idea! I am planning on also writing about things that inspire. Dating is important, but is the current snapshot of the human experience. I am more interested in the overarching concept of improving vision and action as opposed to setting one’s vision on getting action.

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