Why We’ll Never Be Prepared for What’s Next—And That’s Okay

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A few years ago I signed up for a marathon.


When I decided I would run the 26.2 miles, I couldn’t even jog for one mile without stopping. But, I decided that regardless of what was expected or how hard the inclines, I would finish the race.


However, whenever I start a significant event in my life, feelings of personal insignificance usually quickly follow.


Like when I was set apart as an elder.

Or when I received the first investment dollar into my company.

Or when I started my MBA.

Or when I proposed a few weeks ago.


Every one of those events didn’t change who I was but rather explained who I was and made me more committed to climb.


I realized that even though I had prepared for each of these steps, when they finally did come, I wasn’t ready. I had no sudden epiphanies or magical wand that transformed me into a member, an elder, a student, or a husband. I was still just . . . me. How was I ever supposed to measure up and succeed at tasks so above my head?


But isn’t that the way it goes? Isn’t that how God works?


As my MBA Professor Grant McQueen reminded me at our class convocation,

When God wanted an ark, He didn’t look for a boat builder.

When God wanted Goliath killed, He didn’t look for a giant slayer.

When God wanted the Church to settle in the West, He didn’t look for a frontiersman.

So when God wants an incredible life to be lived, He is looking at you.


Why do you think that Christ told Peter and Andrew, “I will make you fishers of men?” (Matthew 4:19) Because they were just men who fished before Christ.


Maybe you’re like me and often feel a sense of doubt about your abilities, but even Shakespeare decried such notions! “Our doubts are our traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing the attempt (Measure for Measure, act 1, scene 4).


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